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The Path to Buying a Home Built by Grand Builders

Depending on if you are buying a home already under construction or you are starting from scratch, these are the building stages for your new home.


At the start, you might not see much activity on your homesite. Don’t worry! Behind the scenes, we are securing the various permits; finalizing plans; distributing blueprints to the plumbers, electricians and framers; and ordering materials. It might be several weeks before any major activity begins on your homesite but rest assured that all of the background work is being done to create a smooth process!


The key to any good home is a solid foundation. This is when we prepare the homesite, set foundation forms, install in-slab plumbing and the concrete is poured and cured. This is the point when many people wonder if their home will be large enough. Seeing the foundation without walls can be very deceiving.


Your home is beginning to take shape! Upright pieces of lumber (studs) are assembled to form the skeleton for interior walls. These studs are secured to the foundation. We will then install shingles; this is when the structure becomes "weatherproof." We install decking and flashing and wrap the exterior walls with sheathing. Once that is complete, you will see roofing, exterior doors, and windows being installed.


Once the house if fully framed out, all the rough mechanicals like the HVAC heating and cooling ducts will be installed. Then the plumbing lines are put in and the wiring for electrical outlets, smoke detectors, and telephone and cable lines are added. This phase covers anything in the walls or floors that are covered later by drywall. Carpenters are adding exterior trim work. Masons are adding brick or siding veneer.


Once the house is fully framed out, the rough-in plumbing is done. This means that the pipes that will circulate water throughout the house are installed. These pipes will eventually be hidden inside walls. They will also install your bathtubs and showers. After the inspection of your home’s rough mechanicals, your insulation will be added. Foam Insulation is sprayed in walls and in the attic. This is the step that sets Grand Builders apart. This foam helps your home become more energy efficient. Foam and caulk sealing are done to insulate around doors and inside windows. Fireplaces are installed. The outside of the house will be painted, and the final grading of the lot will be finished.


Once the insulation of your home is complete, sheets of drywall (sheet rock) are nailed to upright boards (studs) to form the interior wall of the house. Smaller pieces are cut for the irregular shaped areas so that everything is covered. The seams in the drywall are then taped and covered with a joint compound to form one smooth expanse. All seams are then sanded. The finish carpenters arrive to install all the interior doors and molding. Cabinets are delivered and installed. The concrete for your driveway is getting poured and your lawn and landscape will be going in.


This is the busiest time of your home. We ask that you do not enter your home at this time because there will be multiple trades in your home. During this time all hardware on cabinets are added and interior doors go in. Ceramic tile is installed in baths and laundry. Mirrors and appliances are put in. Plumbers install kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets. Electricians put in outlets, switches and light fixtures. Heating and cooling contractors put in the furnace and air conditioner equipment as well as grills, registers and thermostats. Whew! See what I mean.


Paint is cleaned off the inside of the windows. Flooring is laid and the entire house receives a final cleaning. The building inspector will make a final check of all mechanical systems and of the interior and exterior of the house. If all is in compliance, the inspector issues an occupancy permit. You will walk your home prior to closing and be able to know how your new home works.

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