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The aim of the Grand Builders Group is to provide a professional building service which best meets the needs of our clients.

Through working closely with our clients and their consultants, we shall find solutions to meet and exceed their requirements.

We shall resourcefully address all types of projects and apply the highest standard of workmanship and integrity in all aspects of performance.

In all our activities we shall respect and where possible enhance the environment.


We put our heart and soul into every Grand Builders home!We want to be the custom home builder that makes you feel most at home.

For over 10 years we have been proud to be amongst the Panhandle Florida home builders to serve your family. It is our goal to be a part of one of the many pleasant memories that you have when you think about your home and everything in it.

Your journey towards designing your new home can be extensive and filled with tasks and details. We understand the value in ease and convenience, and do our very best to make the process as delightful and simple as possible for you. There are many custom home builders that will vie for your attention, and so we encourage you to browse through the testimonials that we have accrued over the years to vouch for our customer service. 


At Grand Builders, your good experience is our good experience.

Our new home designs are much more than a project, it is personal. If you prefer your own design, we are flexible and just as excited to deliver the most beautiful home possible. 


What is most important is not our vision, but your vision of what your future home should be.  Working together as a team, your family and our family will design, build, and enjoy beautiful energy efficient homes.


Every day our goal is to work toward being the custom home builders that you can depend on. 

We would like to thank you for considering Grand Builders!


Unlike many of our competitors we answer only to our Customers, not to a Board of Directors or Stock Investors.

There will be no fanfare, streamers or confetti patronizing your values, just hard work and dedication to provide the best home building experience.


Thank you for your interest in Grand Builders.

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Located in Florida, Grand Builders proudly serves the Panhandle area with a variety of construction services in all sectors of the economy.


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